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IL&FS Investment Managers Limited:
Established in 1989, IL&FS Investment Managers Limited (IIML) has been an early and in many instances, the first investor across various sectors such as Telecom, City Gas Distribution, Shipyards, Retail, and Media. IIML is one of India’s largest private equity fund management companies with assets under management over US$ 3.5 billion on behalf of leading Indian and International Institutions

IIML has been an active investor in the Indian market with aggregate investment experience spanning nearly two decades and across industry sectors. IIML’s experience covers the entire Private Equity life cycle – right from raising funds, investing, monitoring and planning exits

IIML has a diversified portfolio with a vast experience in managing funds across all the sectors and business cycles. However, broadly IIML’s focus can be categorised into a) Infrastructure b) Real Estate and c) Growth Private Equity i.e. manufacturing, technology, retail, media, agriculture & consumer services etc

IIML recognised that Indian infrastructure requirements are humungous and thus over the last decade, IIML has managed 3 infrastructure focused funds and presently manages investments in the sector through the SCI Asia Infrastructure Fund, a joint venture fund in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank. In all, IIML has undertaken 31 infrastructure investments aggregating over 26 billion and is presently invested across transportation, maritime, power, city gas distribution, agri-warehousing, container logistics and waste management sectors

For more information please visit: http://iimlindia.com/