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IL&FS Infra Asset Management Limited (IIAML)
IL&FS Infra Asset Management Limited (IIAML), a subsidiary of IL&FS Investment Managers Limited, is the asset manager of the IL&FS Infrastructure Debt Fund (IL&FS IDF)

IIAML endeavors to provide its investors with adequate exposures to various infrastructure sectors, at different stages in the project life cycle so as to maximize the risk adjusted returns. Within the framework stipulated by Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), IIAML would draw on IL&FS Group's vast pool of infrastructure experience and relationships in the Indian Infrastructure space. This will not only ensure rigorous risk management strategies in line with special requirements of infrastructure projects, but would also provide wide reach to IIAML to scout investment opportunities that suit the return requirements and risk appetite of the investors

After considering the systems strategies and systems deployed by IIAML for risk assessment and risk management, India Ratings & Research (an affiliate of Fitch Ratings) and CARE Ratings have assigned " IND AAAidf-mf " and CARE AAA (MF-IDF) ratings respectively to its first schemes. (Rating rationale is available in the Private Placement Memorandum and www.indiaratings.co.in/care@careratings.com)

• IL&FS Infra Asset Management Limited Code of Conduct for Directors SMPs

IL&FS AMC Trustee Limited
IL&FS AMC Trustee Limited (the "Trustee") is a supervisory body overseeing the activities carried out by IL&FS Infra Asset Management Limited

The Trustee ensures that the transactions entered into by the IIAML are in accordance with the SEBI Regulations and in line with the accepted risk policies of the Fund. Majority of the Directors in the Board of Trustee Company are independent

• IL&FS_AMC_Trustee_Limited_Code_of_Conduct_for_Directors_SMPs